Sunday, 6 April 2008

Greetings all!!!

You've opened up, typed in fashion blog and wahayy Pose is number one in the search....ok in my dreams maybe, but that's where I would love to see this blog.

Let me start of my telling you a little bit about myself (without giving too much away)! I'm a 21 year old economic student, who instead of browsing the pages of The Economist like she should be, finds herself continually doing the above, that is googling fashion blogs, to see what fellow fashionistas (btw i hate that term, not quite sure why I've used it, but oh well) are upto and how they are interpreting fashion trends in their own way and style. So while I should be cramming for my finals, I sit here creating this blog as a way to express myself, my style, my thoughts, my hates, my loves and more importantly, giving you a space to share your thoughts on fashion.

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