Sunday, 6 April 2008

I'm not sure if it's just me, but it seems that everything goes this season! I'm not one for following trends, but I like to take inspiration for the catwalk and adapt it to my own style. I also take inspiration from a handful of celebrities and more importantly people on the street.

As I am gettin older, I can see my style maturing. Gone are the days when green and yellow eyeshadow was worn with a blue top to create that 80's look, now days my colour pallete is slightly more muted, my make up simple and fresh and my hair full of volume. I am totally embracing the floral and frill trends this season having picked up many key items, mostly from my fav store Topshop. I love how they can take ideas from the catwalk and create a more wearable piece, sometimes better than the catwalk version. The british high street is def the best, when it comes to finding quality, cheap fashionable clothes. I love to mix up my high street buys with designer accessories such as a simple Chanel pendant, a chunky Fendi Bracelet or a designer handbag.

The all time classic quilted Chanel bag seems to go with all my outfits, giving it that classier edge without being too prim and proper. Another of my favs at the moment is my Fendi tortoise shell clutch (which I don't use often enough, damn!) and my oversized Fendi green suede clutch. All my wardrobe is missing now is....


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