Sunday, 15 June 2008

Bag Borrow or Steal?

Now that I have no exams, or infact anything to do, I finally went and saw Sex and the City last night. Having been slightly too young when the series was shown on the TV, I didn't quite know what to expect apart from great clothes and sex! Apart from being slightly 'cheesey' in places, I have to say I loved the film, or maybe the clothes more. All of Carries outfits and her shoes and bags made be feel envious, ggrrr, I WANT THEM ALL. Especially the LV clutch that she wore at the end whilst at the hospital and her orange Fendi Clutch (maybe because I have the same clutch in Tortoiseshell lol), infact the list is endless.

Jennifer Hudson played the role of Carries assisstant in the film, a designer obsessed person, but without the salary to fund her love of LV bags and Manolo shoes, so it got me thinking, would you hire bags from websites such as Bag Borrow Steal? I'm not sure if I would like the responsibility of looking after a bag that I didn't own, but the concept is excellent and now I'm kicking myself for not coming up with the idea.

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