Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Exams are finally over!!!

My exams have finally finished! Yay, at last. It's funny how one week of exams seems to go on forever, but on a sad note, I'm not longer a student, so whilst I sit here and contemplate what career path to follow, I thought I'd update. Heres a few pictures my boyf took when I was extremely drunk (excuse the poor quality)!
Tee, Gap. Bandage skirt, Topshop. Denim Jacket, Topshop. Shoes, Kurt Geiger.
NB- two weeks ago, whilst trying to distract myself from revision, I went on a short walk to the local supermarket. Little did I know, that fate was opposed to me leaving the house and I fell down whilst crossing the road (haha, don't ask how). Since then my knees have been constantly bruised, hence the extreme darkness on my knees lol. That'll teach me to stay in and revise....oooppsss.....I forgot, I don't ever have to take another exam again!

1 comment:

Fuchsia said...

they are quite dark, but as I saw it in real life..I can say you were working it gal!!