Thursday, 12 June 2008

Thank you bloggers!

Last year, whilst browsing pictures of MK on the net, I came across the above picture. I loved everything about it, from her hair to her funky quilted jacket to her beautiful shoes, I just knew then I needed a pair. The months passed, and still I hadn't seen anything similar in the shops, so I gave up looking. That was until I started becoming some obsessed blogger!

Having visited any blogs, I noticed one thing in common....all of you had the Nine West Heech Sandals, and yes they looked exactly like the ones worn my MK. My heart sunk as I searched high and low for them in the UK, without any luck. But, thanks to my beloved affair with ebay, I have managed to find a pair (and guess the correct size). They arrived this morning, and I am officially addicted. So a big thank you to all my fav bloggers out there who introduced me to these. I love themmmmm!


Andy said...

I'm completly in love with these shoes!

Shatice Brown said...

let's trade links please ;)
tell me if you want