Friday, 8 August 2008

Love Hate Relationship!

At the age of 21, never did I think that jealously would over-come me when I saw stars younger than myself, or never did I believe that I would be one of the fans that have contributed to making High School Musical a world wide success, but hands up, I LOVE IT! Or maybe I love Zac Efron more and I envy Vanessa Hudgens! However, I am now more green than ever having just seen the recent photo shoot they did with their co-star Ashley Tisdale (jealous of her as she hangs out with Zac) for Elle magazine. But not only did this shoot fill me with jealously, it bought back great memories of the costumes in Grease, and how so many of todays fashions mirror that era. I feel so much more happier for buying my leather leggings and skirt now, as it's the way to go! Shame I can't afford the Gucci studded boots now to match, a girl can wish hey!

Thoughts, loving the Grease look or is it best left as a happy memory?

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Fuchsia said...

it should definately be replicated...I love the 'grease' look and those gucci boots are H.O.T.T. HOT!!