Saturday, 16 August 2008

Topshop- Tux Deluxe!

Whilst browsing through the latest Look Magazine, I came across Topshop's latest line called Tux Deluxe. 5 limited edition Tux Jackets for this season, from plain black to snake skin print but my fav has to be the fabulous Jacquard tux. Lets hope they are available in my local Topshop or online otherwise I'll be screwing.

p.s. Currently looking to find some photos of them, but so far unsuccesful!


Richel said...

if you find them, please post them immediately because I can't find them either!

nicola said...

I saw them in the magazine too... it said they were out in shops by now, i have not seen them though nor have i seen them on the website! any ideas when they will be available?