Thursday, 25 September 2008


I was horrified and excited when the sis text me today saying that she had spotted some Gucci knock off's on her recent trip to Primark, for a mere £15!!! Having been looking for high street versions of this seasons studded sandals that were all over the catwalk, I was utterly in shock. Kurt Geiger had a similar pair, but they retailed for £100, still too pricey from my liking, so I was delighted to find out Primark was seeling theres for small change. So there I went, on my way to my local Primark, excited to think I would have these babies in my hands in less than 10 mins....however, deep down, I was sceptical. Having visited Primark the previous day and not seen anything remotely close, I wondered whether or not my local had stocked them yet....OR they had SOLD OUT!

Sadly, it was the latter :(

I now have to visit the store everyday to check for a redelivery, annoying I know but well worth it. I'll inform you on my progress.


Fashion Bug said...

these might make me break my never buy shoes from primark rule..i love them

Wendy said...

Oh my god! I want them!